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What was the last (or most recent) episode you saw?


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Enterprise, Vanishing Point, the one where Hoshi beam up for the first time, kind of like TNG the next phase, love both those episodes.


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DS9: "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night";
Today @ 13:00 GMT, Virgin1 (UK)

Dukat claims that Kira's mother was once his lover during the Occupation; Kira uses the Orb of Time to travel into the past to find the truth.


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Voyagers Prime Factors


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ST:TNG Best Of Both Worlds On BBC America.

"Let's make sure that history never forgets the name... Enterprise"


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DS9: Soldieres of the Empire

Like those Klingon ones :)

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TNG: The Last Outpost

(This mourning for the billionth time like all other Star Trek episodes. Why would I watch such a mediocre episode, I dunno, I havent seen it in a while)


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"Where No Man Has Gone Before" from Star Trek TOS Disc was interesting to see how HEAVY Spock's eyebrows were, and so many of the female crew was not only sporting gold uniforms...but,trousers as well!!! 

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