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What was the last (or most recent) episode you saw?


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For me it was "Armageddon Game" on Youtube. Just before that was "The Passenger"


I'm going to burn them on a dvd!


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I watched "Time's Arrow pt 1 and 2" the other night. Aside from some fun little character moments, what a stinker that one was!



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Currently watching "Detained," Enterprise season 1, episode 21. Haven't watched much of this series and thought I'd give it a chance.


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Last one i saw, i cant remember the name.. but the Q continuum had taken Q's powers. he had to live on the enterprise as a regular human. Meanwhile, the enterprise had to move a moon or something out of a planet's way.


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I guess "Darmok" ... because that's what's on my telly right now. Today I also watched "Redemption Part II" and "Past Tense". I didn't think it was possible to burn stuff from Youtube. hmm....

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Heart of glory from TNG's 1st season


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Star trek : Enterprise, season 3, 'Damage'...It was on Friday at 2:25pm.

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I honestly haven't watched an episode of Star Trek in probably two years. I think it was a Next Generation episode where there is a Klingon Civil War, and Yars daughter is supplying arms. So the last Star Trek I would have watched would have been the new movie.
I did watch Phase 2, Blood and Fire last month, it was okay, except the make out scenes went on way to long.


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Just watched DS9 "What You Leave Behind."

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Today, I saw "For the world is hollow and I have touched the sky", "The Tholian Web" and "Plato's stepchildren".

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"Ensigns Of Command" - off the DVR from last week.  Finally catching up.  Probably going to watch "Shades Of Grey" and "Peak Performance" back to back later today.

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The Voyager episode Human Error last night.


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At the moment, "Way of the Warrior". But before that, "Hippocratic Oath." (they are on the same disc.)

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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TNG´s Second Chances

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TNG "New Ground" watching it now.

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