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Best Star Trek series so far.

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Created by: JustHereForFun


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Deep Space Nine. The Best developed, the best stories, the best characters, just the best, IMO.

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I have seen virtually every episode of each series except for Enterprise because of several travels over seas.  I really enjoy Deep Space 9 because I have always wanted to see what life was like on a space station but the original Star Trek series is by far the best because it gave birth to the other series.  Without the original series there would be no ST:NG ST:DS9 Voyageer or Enterprise.


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Loved them all but DS9 is the best imho.


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Original series all the way.



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DS9 all the way! Its plots and characters are better, and it explores different aspects of the Star Trek universe. Oh, and it has Ezri!
I also like Enterprive, and Voyager's pretty good too.
I haven't seen enough of TOS or TNG to make an informed decision.


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TOS has won my heart time and time again! TNG is good, but nothing can beat the original cast.


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TOS was my all time favorite series...until I got to see Enterprise...

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star trek is the embodiment of UNITY!


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They're all amazing!! In some ways it's all one massive series, one massive story branching over the course of 30 seasons and 10 films. While the new 2009 film was good, I see it as more of a remake than anything else. Kinda like a start to the 2nd Star Trek franchise. I look at it as 1966-2005 was the first franchise. And 2009-???? is the 2nd franchise.

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For me, it's tough to decide between TNG and DS9. I chose DS9 because I love the fact that it was so diffferent and more realistic (to a point), acknowledging the fact that while peace is what should be pursued, war may perhaps be inevitable in order to achieve that peace (and safety). Real life and real human history only proves this point.

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It is hard choosing between the first three series, but I think DS9 was the best overall. It had a great story and amazing character development.


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Okay, I'll raise shields but, Voyager, which probably is no big surprise. TOS was my first love, like oh so many, and eternally for as many. I was into TNG, and have seen all but maybe one or two eps, and I recall how thrilled I was to see a new ST series come out way back in '87. It's gone down the list since, but in my mind, TNG is the most popular next to TOS, and it earned well the spot. If there be any should have been at was like Morgan Woodward in TOS' ''The Omega Glory''..'They just kept coming, and coming...THOUSANDS OF THEM'...LOL. Okay, maybe a bit less, but close!-out of the main theater.  Brent and Patrick, can they pack a crowd, or what?Like the Bill/Leonard spot)....DS I was a faithful watcher of, got into it as it was on, but, again, in time, went down the list, no disrespect intended(Who caught Avery at the con? Amazing guy-you Niners are so lucky to have him! Kudos, Emissary)Then Voyager came, and since, I've had this feeling of Family with them. It captured the feeling of exploration TOS began, with a wonderful lead in Kate, my absolute second favorite female in ST...and Enterprise, oh, poor, maligned, ''It's not canon'' Enterprise(LOL)..I stand with you always, along with your Voyager cohort(Dunno how many were Voyager pure fans, but the theater was full Saturday for the Voyager panel)'s my second fave, POLARIZE THE HULL PLATING, MISTER REED! was for me a worthy prequel, gone just when hitting their stride(Though I was with them, anyway)Fortunately for all of us, there is enough to choose from in the 'infinite diversity' that is ST....

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I love all the series in their own way. But for me DS9 had it all

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Wednessday, September 8, 2010--6:26 am CST

For a long "Star Trek:The original Seris" was my very favorite TV show. "Mr. Spock" was
my favorite character. WhEN "Star Trek: The Next Generation" came out, that became my favorite
Star Trek series, and "Data" became my favorite character. I was shocked when they killed
off Data in "Nemis".


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I voted for DS9.  Not that I didn't love TNG, VOY, or ENT. (not a big fan of TOS, but I still enjoy it!) DS9, especially in the last four seasons was brilliant.  The writing was amazing and the acting was great.  I recently re-watched the entirety of DS9 and realized that I really love that serial type of tv show where you have to come back to find out what happens.  I guess watching LOST made me enjoy that type of show.  DS9, although the darkest, was ultimately the most human in my opinion.  Each of the characters really struggled with things and against their human emotions (even if they were Trill, Klingon, or Ferengi!). 

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