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"Birthright" conundrums.


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YES -- I do watch Star Trek other than DS9!! lolz.


So I was re-watching "Birthright" today (just by chance). I had some questions -- issues left unresolved perhaps -- that I was wondering about... Points for speculation: (and fun)


* What was that Gamma Quadrant... thingy that Bashir had brought on board the Enterprise to study?

* Where was Odo while Worf had James Cromwell dangling over the promenade?

* And regarding the second part, What kind of life do you think those Klingon youths from the prison camp will lead in the empire (young people with no House) ? Would it have been better for Worf to have let them stay?

(Not to mention, he's taken all of poor Ba'el's friends away.)


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I'll have to revise and get back to you on that one. I saw that episode ages ago.

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.

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