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Your Favorite "FEST"

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Grev Per

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You either mean party or festival or a combination of the two. (And I would imagine that Oktoberfest is a Beer(Bier)fest.)

Either way, I don't like to party without beer, but I would imagine these fests aren't exclusive.

Films and beer go great for example. Food and beer as well. Music and beer.

Now wine and beer....

Grev Per

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You mean cultural event, this poll will show nothing of cultural backgrounds...

...except that I chose beer and am from a beer drinking nation. But other than that it's completely random! :p

Grev Per

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Depends on what you define 'culture' as. It's a notoriously undefined word.

When you say 'cultural background' though, I definitely think along terms of geographical cultures (cultures related to peoples based on region or some other common trait.)

I would go as far as saying that using the term 'culture' is inappropriate in this thread. You could've just said 'which past-time do you prefer the most?' and it would perhaps be more true.

Although nothing you have said is incorrect, just easy to misunderstand.

p.s. No one gets an instant buzz from beer, I don't want to visit you if that's how it works where you live. :p

On the other hand, I still would also say that there is no reason to assume that these things are mutually exclusive. People who love the arts are notorious winos, for example. :p Whereas the only difference between a Beerfest and Oktoberfest, is that one takes place in Germany (or is German themed).

Grev Per

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p.p.s. I'm sorry for ruining what would've been an otherwise fun thread. :(


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I would have to say out local "Carousel of nations" is the best fest to attend. It takes place though out our whole city featuring all kinds of cultures that celebrate their, food, music , the folk costumes, dance and I'm sure other things. For example if you would like to experience little Italy, you attend "The Italian village" or The Caribbean village if you like to experience a Caribbean style party. Usually goes on for several weekends and reminds me of a giant dim sum party with all kinds of things to sample and experience.

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