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Life-size Enterprise


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Just imagine how awesome it would be if CBS or Paramount built a life-size Starship Enterprise as a marketing/tourisim campagin with hotels and a recreation deck along with several of the settings from the films such as the bridge, engineering, the transporter room, and the shuttledeck.

Why has no one built this?


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That would be pretty amazing, but I assume the task would just be too expensive.


Grev Per

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Even keeping the Las Vegas Hilton's Star Trek experience proved to be unprofitable, so building a life-size enterprise (which would also need some bizarre architectural planning) would just be prohibitive, cost-wise.


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It would not BE the ENTERPRISE though, so why bother? It would not be a spaceship, an airplane, or a boat - it would be a cheezy brick and mortar structure. It would be neat having STAR TREK become more "real," perhaps in a way space tourism promises to. Especially if the International Space Station could somehow be the destination (if it was sold after its mission was over). And if the STAR TREK franchise could have a slice of that pie, so much the better. But I wouldn't be interested in seeing a life-sized replica of the ENTERPRISE sitting on a parking lot, like a beached whale ...


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i would have loved to do that. i had this idea once. make it look like the old series constitution class had an emergency landing or something. the idea was to have the ship functional on the inside, with the automatic doors and everything. all those beeps and whistles on the bridge. just "no power to engines" and "weapons offline" to explain why the ship doesnt do anything but sit there.       i imagine it would be QUITE the tourist sight. i mean, if they had a lifesized ship like that, i know id pay a good ticket to run through the corridors and maybe spin the chair on the bridge.    in any case, down here they had a *nearly* lifesize titanic museum. it was a remake of the ship- and even the iceburg. i forget what scale it was at, but it could deffinitely hold people onboard. i dont see a reason not to build a spaceship for a convention museum. the only drawback is: startrek lost popularity, so if it had more fans, and i mean a big boost, maybe then someone could afford it.

The Galaxy Class Starship completely PWNS the TARDIS. That is all.


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If I had the money I'd build a lifesize Enterprise 1701-D


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I'm not particularly sure where you would put such a thing.  It's roughly the size of the Paramount lot (which is a big space) and is more than several stories tall.  Plus, we're not in space, and the saucer section would probably screw the whole thing up.


Actually, that's a pretty funny image.

When people talk about the new Star Trek movie erasing the events set in the original ten it really grinds my gears. Go to your local video store. They should still be there.


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I'd love to be able to do this. I jokingly told my friends I'd skip college to make a life-size model :)


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*pictures the Robot Chicken version fiasco* LOL :D

Anyways yeah there's some dudes in England that actually made a look a like of an Enterprise bridge in their house. Not sure if it was all parts of the house or just the living room but the part they actually showed was use as an entertainment center. Last I heard they were looking for some one to buy the design or something like that.

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