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William Riker - A captain you would follow or someone to have a beer with?

Dixon Hill

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Riker is an Officer and a Gentleman. I agree with most everything posted about him. But I'm noticing there aren't any "Follow or Drink" threads about Picard. I would do both, gladly!

"A crisis for Captain Picard -- or a case for Dixon Hill, private detective?"


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Both. Except at the moment it is illegal for me to have beer. Both.

Matthias Russell

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Not synthahol, iborg. And nothing prevents you from having a tall glass of chocolate milk with riker.

Janeway once told Paris she was his commanding officer and his friend. I think riker can effectively balance both. He wants to be your best buddy but wouldn't hesitate to send you to your death.

Trekkie 12

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I really would'nt want to follow him; he's too impulsive. He also gets angry really easily too. I would rather Picard.

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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Dec. 13 2010, 4:30 am

>Titan really solidifies Riker in the center chair. He managed to balance both quite well. Interestingly, all his shuttles are named for jazz musicians.
I still haven't gotten to those books yet. 

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