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A possible winning formula: A suggestion for the new classic Star Trek movie writers.


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Report this Jul. 25 2010, 11:29 am

Hello friends,

much to the expansion of the Star Trek phenomena from its roots as envisioned by the great Gene Roddenberry to the series as developed by Rick Berman and finally culminating towards the new Classic Trek interpretation by JJ Abrams, I believe that the ethos of STAR TREK needs to hold the following three ingredients, in order of  importance, to make Star Trek work:

i.) Exploration [with a capital E]

ii.) C.C.D: Contact (with other species and life forms), Communication and Diplomacy

iii.) And finally Strategy (Observation and Military Tactics [If needed]).

Also noting that the Prime Directive should always be upheld unless it goes against its own principle in practice.

Thank you.


Neil Mukherjee Esq.

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