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'Generations', an unfitting end for a great Admiral/Captain.


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'Star Trek Generations' started with great hope and expectation as we saw Admiral Kirk saving the Enterprise [this time saving Enterprise B].  Supporting [mediocre] Captain Harriman fails to save a crew in a doomed space ship, it is up to Kirk to save the El-Aurian refugees from another space ship as it gets destroyed by an energy ribbon called the Nexus.  Admiral Kirk then rushes off to Engineering to save the USS Enterprise B from the approaching Nexus.

Suddenly as Admiral Kirk gets drawn into the Nexus, within minutes we are drawn towards viewing the Next Generation Team.  It is surprising that Captain Jean Luc Picard never gelled with his team.  Almost a loner he encounters mission after mission till this story begins in ST Generations.

I was very disappointed to see James T. Kirk die in the film whilst fighting the evil Soran.  Much to the disappointed we see Picard not even lifting a finger in combat with Soran, we see him flicking stones as diplomacy failed to bring results once more.

I believe Bill Shatner was too hasty in accepting a role with the Star Trek NG team in 'Generations' as written by Rick Berman.

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Grev Per

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This review kind of says it all.


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I do agree with you almost 100% NMukherjee72. It is EXTREMELY disapointing that James T. Kirk has to die in his fight with Soran.  But the thing is, Kirk dies heroically. His death is logical. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Kirk does not belong in the 24th Century. He has a fitting and heroic end.

I love Star Trek! I watch at least one episode a day. I NEED to. It's a HUGE part of my life and it has enhanced every aspect of it. I owe so much to Gene Roddenberry, all the great minds behind it all, and of course, STAR TREK itself! L.L.A.P.

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