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"Star Trek: New Worlds"


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Report this Jul. 24 2010, 4:17 pm

Hi All,

I'm Jason Kim Scott Hauck of Surrey B.C. My reinvigorated anthology site (formerly located @ geocities) is looking for new + old contributors: Youtube-style Music video tributes, CG Series ("Star Trek: Spectre Of The Past") , prose stories and screenplays. We invite authors to submit "Star Traks" style parodies/spoofs. 

The rules & necessary e-mail addresses are all on-site. We're also looking to promote/host some beginner/independant Play-By-Email RPG sims of all sizes and shapes. ~Please~ NO BRAVO FLEET SIMS. We invite authors to also submit NC17/18+ rated stories, with appropriate disclaimers/warnings of course.


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