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"Bread and Circuses"


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I was just watching the teaser at the beginning of the featured TOS episode here on the site "Bread and Circuses"... AND THERE'S ANOTHER VULCAN CREWMAN ON THE BRIDGE. Go look! Now, we did see other Vulcans aboard in "Mirror, Mirror" - in the alternate universe - but I wonder if this is a "tweak" from the remastering process. The actor is one we see on the bridge many times in sciences blue (he is one of those who nearly suffocate on the Bridge in "Space Seed" ) but now his haircut is definately in the Vulcan Style and the ears even appear slightly pointed. Wild!


D.C. Fontana (along with Gene Roddenberry) always said she felt there were a few other Vulcans aboard below decks along with Andorians and Tellarites, but they just couldn't afford to do the makeup. I'll admit I wouldn't mind seeing a few of the background actors "redressed" to Vulcan or Andorian (Tellerites would cover the actor or actresses' real features and as an actor, I wouldn't go for that! )

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Detective Servalan on the case 

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I saw it on the computer. He does look a little bit Vulcan, but I could not tell.

logical... mabye.

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