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Still no response from the Admin's?


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>I tried to post a message on Administrator3's page since he was online but it wouldn't take.

>With no PM system set up, all we know is the email for the tech guy.

>The report system is rudimentary at best, it has no provision for making any kind of comment, so if you check "other" ther's nowhere to say what makes it "other"...

>It takes a few minutes for your comment to appear under the profile section. Just be patient, it will show up. You've got quite a few questions from members under your profile SB. You know you can post comments under your own profile.... Just sayin. The problem with that is everyone can see those comments Scoobs. No privacy.


Exactly Yanks, you and I find ourselves in agreement again.


You mention above that we would really like some feedback and you suggest they should post at least once a day...Yanks, I haven't seen them post anything in a week.


Does anyone else feel abandoned?

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Are the moderators the same?

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.

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