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What I, Heather Leigh Cameron, would love to do for the sequel to Star Trek:2009 and any future Trek movies or series....


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I would like to reque


st that I be allowed to help in the writing of the sequel to Star Trek 2009. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and based on how it was written, I see an avenue which the sequel can pursue.
My writing experience stems from childhood, with my first published article in the mid-90s. From there, I have written for my college newspaper and freelanced for two weekly newspapers in my province. This has been staying in practice with the Diploma in Communication Arts: Print Journalism that I recieved in 2007 from Lethbridge College. I have also written a poetry book and frequent in personal creative writing.
Even though I was not born until 1987, I have made a great effort to become with both the Star Trek series of old, the older movies, and the most recently released film. Based on what I have learned and my ability to create plotlines and develop them to the point where they are appreciated, I feel qualified to assist in this endeavour.
Although I was born in Canada, I am a dual citizen by birth because of my mother, who was born and lived in the U.S. for many years. I also have a valid U.S. passport, if that is relevant. I also carry a valid Social Security card.

I have samples of journalism work and photography to show if I am given the opportunity...

I also have theatre experience and would like to try my hand at on-screen acting....


my contact information is



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This does bring up a point I've wondered about for a while, now: Do The Powers That Be at Paramount, CBS, their subsidiaries or affiliates ever actually pay attention to these boards?

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