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Star Trek XII


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The setting is a galactic war which broke out shortly after the demise of Nero and the crew of the Nerada. The Kittimer conflict broke out seventy years earlier in the new timeline. Starfleet deployed to the Klingon and Romulan borders to contain the fighting shielding the Federation from any overlapping surges. 

For this reason, the big battleship starships used in the Romulan war were brought out of mothballs to patrol the borders and supply fighters and ground soldiers and equipment as needed. USS Enterprise was assigned escort duty to protect the USS Cimmaron NCV 62... a massive hulking ship packed to the gunnels with fighters, guns, and crew. 

It was rather timely since the saying of Miraditis of Aldeberan was so true, "humans possess a short attention span and an even shorter memory." It began as subspace chit chat the grumbling over the plebe Captain of the Federation flagship. It turned into ploitical inquiry as government and fleet officials began receiving complaints and even prodded Admiral Pike over his decision to make a grounded cadet first officer of the Enterprise which advanced him to Captain. 

Pike was about to turn in his bars in disgust over the entire thing having chided the Federation council and the joint chiefs of Starfleet for forgetting what James Kirk was and how he saved the Federation from Nero's hand... when the Federation wide red alert was issued about the battle of Kittimer.




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Lame. . . i can tell you something like that is never going to happen.


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You're right it's lame I like my other approach better.


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