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Provided you know HTML coding for images, they are pretty easy to post. Granted, we shouldn't have to worry about using HTML...

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The old site had the "News" archive going back for many years, reflecting what was happening in the Trek universe in real time. Can you restore those archives and make them searchable?

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Quote: /view_profile/ @

Well, no one asked my permission to use them. I am not really angry, it is just the principle of the issue. They are MY pictures and no one else should be posting them. You gave permission for anyone to use anything you post here when you joined this site. Read "6. User Submissions" in the CBS Interactive Terms of Use you agreed to when you joined. You can read the Terms of Use by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. You should never post anything online you don't wish the world to own or have access to. ;)

Actually I joined this site and posted my pictures here AFTER I found the ones posted by your Admin here. A friend sent me an email with a link to the picture of Shatner and me. I had not joined nor posted the picture here. So, no I did not agree to any terms. The pictures on my profile here now are ones I posted afterward.

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If its already been mentioned then sorry, but can you do something about the timezone please.


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I like the default sorting by Last Post, Descending. THANK YOU!!! That alone makes it much more bearable to be on this forum.

Four other things I'd like to see changed:
-"Notify me when a reply is posted" default to be UNchecked
-Add an edit button
-Most recent post in thread appear on bottom instead of on top (just a preference thing though, I can get used to the way it is now)


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The place is very glitchey at the mo..

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I've just come back after being away for a looong time (May, it tells me), and I want to update my profile...


BUT the page won't load up because I DON'T HAVE A !D@#! home page!!! Sorry, no home page! I didn't have one before, and I still don't! When I get the novel finished and at a publisher, then, yeah, I'll make a home page, but that's no reason for all my other information to not load...


(...yes, I know I'm shouting...)  IT'S NOT A FEATURE, IT'S A BUG! So, please, get rid of it, so I can post my information properly!

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Can not post anything in my profile everything clears after I return to the boards.


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Love the site, keep up the good work and hope they dont pull the plug:

I have been having to sign in again everytime I move to a different part of the site
Why can't I just stay logged on even after I shut down my browser, cant I get a cookie to remember me.


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Where it says "Users browsing this forum" it has a user's name showing double. Its like there 2 of the same user.

And that's my nit-pick for today. :D

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when a post is quoted that contains a post it only shows one quoted name.

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Not sure if this was posted. Editing a post bumps the thread to the top.

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Has anyone been given the rationale yet for not being able to post images? This defeats the entire purpose of some threads.

I don't mean the pictures-of-yourself threads, that's an iffy concept, but more power to them as well. The Favorite Pix and ScreenCaptions threads are among the lengthiest and most popular.


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Double quoting in the reply posting when it has been edited. It took me 3 go's and I had to post in the "quick reply" box.

Also, the boards are logging me out of I have taken a longer time than necessary to post a quote. ie; 5- 10 minutes trying to preview the quote and it logs me out and I lose my quote as it shows me an error message, something to do with the site or IE?

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Okie, I go away for a few days and come back to see that I can view post in the last and descending order, but now when I go into a topic I get the last post and have to view them from the bottom up to see them in order. Am I the only one or are there others seeing the same thing?

It's good to see the topics in order, but this way of viewing the posts in a topic is ridiculous! IMHO

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