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After I clicked on another members profile then my info appeared in the upper right-hand corner instead of the Join/Log in stuff

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Also noticed, when you click to quote someone, the screen goes to the top of the page instead of the bottom where the Quick Reply is.... :(


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I accidentally forgot to uncheck the "Notify me when a reply is posted" box when I replied to a topic. Is there a way to disable that? I tried unchecking it when I replied again but that didn't work. I just don't want messages every time that topic is replied to.

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1) I can't find a way to control the board preferences.  I get an email everytime someone posts to this thread.  That's like spam.  Wait, I see that as part of this post, but there should be a way to set it universally for all posts.

2) I seem to have to reset my password every time I visit the site. That is not acceptable.

3) With things this glitchy, the odds of my entering any kind of credit info to buy anything at the store are lowwer than the preverbial snowballs chance in... well, let's make that lower than the odds of a random red shirt surviving the Away Mission to the new and "safe" world.

Sorry to be negative, but there do seem to be some significant issues with this new site.

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I'm glad they seemed to have fixed the post count issue. Now can we get a "Jump to the last post read" thing on here because it is annoying going through the pages. Also, speaking of that, a way to change board defaults should be their next thing too.


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You have Charlie X and Metamorphosis, both TOS episodes, listed with the TNG episode list.

Bring back a season by season list for each series. The alphabetical listing for an entire series is impractical.

The old site's episode database was far superior.


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Quote: warplayer @ Jul. 24 2010, 12:14 am

2) I seem to have to reset my password every time I visit the site. That is not acceptable.

Yea - it says that we need to reset the password, but once I did the very first time, I haven't actually had to do it again (even though the site keeps reminding me to.)


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Minor item: User "ranks" are screwed up - I see people with 1500 posts as a LTJG, but also see people with over 10000 as an ENS.


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I think I've figured it out!

1) go to the desired Forum
2) Sort by "Last Post" & "Descending"
3) hit F5 (refresh)
4) select your thread
5) go to the bottom of the page, go to the LAST page of the thread
6) hit F5
7) now go to the REAL last page of the thread
8) hit F5 to see the REAL most recent posts
9) catch up and reply!

THEN repeat EVERYTHING from the beginning. :>

So, apart from the sorting and refreshing problems, I agree that it shouldn't be the Default that we get notified when a reply is posted, especially when that reply is my own last post.

Every time I want to list a feature I'd like to see here, it would end with "just like on the last Boards"--the option to go to the last page of the thread you choose, icons that show there are new posts since you posted in a thread, Edit capability, and so on.

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Quote: /view_profile/ @

They could actually just do away with the ranks...all they'll do is inspire people to spam to move up in rank.



Definitely agree - post count and rank ≠ quality.


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Hmmm - looks like the system lost my signatue....


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Not sure if it's been mentioned before amongst all the technical issues, but, it would be awfully nice if when you have chosen how you want to display the topics that they remain changed.


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Quote: Administrator @ Jul. 19 2010, 6:59 pm

A quick update:
Thank you for the tech reports and patience while we worked on some issues.  We've made considerable progress in the last few days to fix many of the items you reported.
1.  Existing members can reset their passwords.  If you still have password issues, please email us at
2.  We have fixed the bug that was automatically logging off some members.  You can now login and join discussions on the boards, upload your photos to the galleries and begin commenting on the stories that we're adding every day.
3.  Post #s have been corrected.  Please note that some #s were affected due to posts that were not migrated after July 2nd and the removal of a few broken boards/posts that could not be migrated to the new site. 
4.  Photos uploaded to the Galleries are now being autosized.

While we have concentrated on the login & board migration issues, we are also making plans to address member requests to add sorting/filtering views to the episode lists/descriptions and are beginning to look at your suggestions for additional functionality for the boards. 
We will continue to work on the site during this beta period and welcome your comments and suggestions.
Thank you for your continued support. Staff

Curious. Did you write this board software from scratch? If so, why? There are dozens of ready made board software that I'm sure a company like CBS could afford.


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They could've carried on using Ikonboard, the Ikonboard software is free.


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How does one take down pictures they have posted?  How does one get their pictures posted by someone else without their permission taken down?

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