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Do you like the new

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If that is the case, that there aren't even 100 users around here, then they really need to do something.
100 members for a board on Startrek sounds not too bad to me considering the lack of a current series and how long it's been since ST XI,people are not interested in general in Star Trek right now.Maybe all the complaining and nastiness might be scaring potential members off - just a thought I'll put out there to keep in mind and it's directed at no particular members.
Back in the PDE days we'd see north of 200 people using the IRC servers; actively chatting or gaming in "A Call To Duty". Even during the "slow periods" we still see a 100 or so at any time in the day actively using the server.
Exactly. The volume really slowed down with the launching of this new board. I would have expected the volume to surge initially because of the excitement over a new board, but that did not happen. In fact, many were still using the old board after this one was launched and only came here after the old board got deleted.
I don't think anyone would have had a problem coming over here if it worked correctly.
I know, Yanks. That's the whole reason I started posting here. I was hoping that if we made enough noise they would fix it. I'm also afraid that if it remains too inactive they will do away with it all together. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't even be bothered coming here until they got it working right. I love all the satellite boards, but I really want everyone in one place again. I would love for this site to be the way it used to be....

I like everybody, even the people I don't like. They make things interesting. ;) Trying to get into the Nexus? Use this link:


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The post order is now the same as it was on the old board and 90% of the boards on the 'net. It was far more a headache to scroll back to find the original point to a thread. A least now we can follow the natural progression of the conversation.

Quoted for truth.

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like anything new you will have good things and bad things. Change IS good. thats why I loved the new MOVIE.  this site is getting better with TIME!


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i liked it better when the thread order was the other way, when they had wallpapers and screensavers. it should also have an lcars look to it.

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