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My idea for a new Star Trek TNG movie


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Star Trek TNG movie

In the year 2389, the Federation is on the verge of annihilation to a powerful alien race known as the Vox. Only a hundred starships remain to protect planet Earth, the last remaining Federation planet. The Vox invade other universes where they destroy everything in its path. Their technology is far more advanced than any race known to exist, including the Borg. As a last attempt to save humanity, Captain Jean-Luc Picard has been chosen to travel back in time to 2388 onboard the USS Grissom to prevent first contact between the Vox and our universe so that the timeline can be restored. A time portal is being built on Earth that will allow Picard to slip onboard the USS Grissom at the exact moment to complete the mission. But the Federation will have to race against time to complete the portal before planet Earth is wiped out. The remaining starships orbiting Earth are to prevent the Vox from destroying Earth before Picard complete his mission.

As the battle rages above Earth, work on the time portal is near completion. The Federation fights to the last ship. Just when the Vox bring out their planet destroying weapon, the time portal is complete. Picard enters the portal and timeline is restored.


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Your story has potential, but unfortunately time travel has been done to death in the Star Trek franchise.


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Your story definitely has potential, but instead of travelling back in time, how about Picard going forward in time to find the "Tox U'tat"? In one episode of TNG if I remember correctly, it was supposed to be this awesome weapon from the future. When the Vox begin their invasion of the Federation, Picard offers this information to Starfleet Command, and volunteers to go into the future with a team of handpicked Starfleet special forces officers to bring this weapon back to defeat the Vox. While in the future, they find out that on the moment they left, Earth was destroyed, and the Federation was scattered thruout the stars. Now, they must find the weapon, find a way back to the time before they left when earth was still intact, use the weapon to defeat the Vox, and rebuild what's left of the Federation. While rebuilding the Federation and the rest of the Alpha quadrant, other powers like the Romulans, the Klingons, the Breen, the Cardassians, and even the Dominion and the Borg learn of the weapon, and attempt to obtain it for themselves......

I'm sorry. I would've kept going if I hadn't caught myself. I know time travel has been done to death in the Trek series, but I still find it interesting depending on how it's done. Don't give up on your idea.  :)


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Here is the Vox cube Starship...


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On a less humorous note, other than TNG being dead, the story has no weight, in terms with interpersonal relationships. Super Aliens usually can not sustain a story.


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You lost me in the first 2 sentences, with a "war" situation and Earth in danger yet again.

The rest of it is too much like the core idea of "First Contact." Earth is screwed, so let's go back in time and fix things. If every time there is an issue or disaster, the answer is simply to go back in time and change the course of events, Star Trek becomes absolutly useless and drama-less as a franchise.

So, if you take out the parts about the "war" and "Earth in danger" and "time travel to avoid disaster," then it probably has a chance!!

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