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Klingons in Birthright


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Report this Jun. 28 2010, 2:37 pm

I recently watched the TNG episode Birthright and what they tried to do was a good effort but it felt forced.

First off, it has been shown that Worf is something of an... archetype or model Klingon, when characters have encountered other Klingons they were surprised by how much more... robust they were than Worf. I think that is do to his upbringing, he studied Klingon life and ritual rather than living it, and I think that makes his an unique ambassador of the ways of Klingons, since most of his notions are academic and not practical.

That said his show Klingon behavior came off as though it were learned from a book. The reverence for songs and their story, the martial arts exercise, the hunt. It all felt staged and stereotypical, like... a scene out of that movie Hollywood Shuffle, where white producers tell black actors how to play black.

The same is true of the TNG episodes A Matter of Honor, Heart of Glory, and Sins of the Father through Reunions though they were slightly better at times it felt natural.

The DS9 episode House of Quark to me seemed more like Klingon's just being Klingon, not some badly researched ritual reenactment.

They do this to a lot of the aliens, they go to so much trouble to show how alien they are they fail to make them people with model :honorable: and real life :honorable:

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