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Your favorite Klingon?

Lursa Duress

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I dont believe I have had the honour of meeting Klingongeneral but I am from the illustrious House of Duress, not to be confused with my cousins!

Ugh! Human females!


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I'd say Worf becuase hes the best warrior and the most honorable Klingon by far despite being raised by humans.


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Commander Krudge. He was just ruthless and bloodthirsty, yet in a comical way.


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I was looking at a vid interview with John Colicos  today, done before he passed away. What an intelligent, thoughtful, ST fan-appreciative man. I would have loved to have met him...the great Kor..and BALTAR!!!...

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My Magnificent Seven version of the Klingons









I always party at Starbase 63!



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Lursa Duress
From your name, photo and "house"
it's very clear you're into Klingons,
but how hard-core are you? I'm just
curious. Are you fluent in Klingonese,
for example? That type of thing. Most
girls seem to dress up as Orion Slaves ...

O. Wilish

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I don't like cling-ons, there so annoying, oh you meant ythe great and noble klingons, I's easy to say Worf  but, Kang, Gawron, kor are one I like to. I can't really decide maybe the main baddy in Undiscovered Country, though I can't remember his name right now?


"In the valley of the blind, the one eyed man is king."

O. Wilish

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I love Kilngons, I wish I knew some klingonese, would be useful coz I could use it in a story i'm writing

"In the valley of the blind, the one eyed man is king."


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Martok is the most obvious answer to this question.


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Whether she was eligible or not: K´Ehleyr! She may have been half human, but at least I could relate to her...

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Tie: Kang & Kor


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Martok and Worf are my favorites.


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Not so much a favorite of mine but he was in TOS and Deep Space Nine. Arne Darvin played by Charlie Brill playing around with Tribbles.



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Of course me like Gouron and Martok.

live long and prosper.


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Jadzia... ;-)

Worf is probably my favorite Klingon, but Martok and B'Elanna follow closely.

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