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TOS Warp drive sound effect


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I cannot find the answer anywhere else.

What was the original sound effect of Warp Drive (the zooming soaring engine build up to the whining stressed effect that originally made tv viewers believe a ship could go faster than light speed?

I once heard... or so I think I recall... it was the sound of an old newspaper printing (the size of a small factory) whirring into motion and print.

Or is it just a synthetic amalgam of sounds created in a studio?

Does anyone know?


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probably sound made in the studio


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From inside the ship the sounds come from the inside of a old bus starting
to move (Gas not diesel ), and yes they played with the sound to make it deeper and longer.
The rest I just don't how they did that :rookie:


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TOS Warp sound effect

Ok. Give a listen. I mean really listen.

It wobbles a little at first then it whines at the end but you hear a kind of whirring that does sound like an old style news paper printing press or one they used in an old movie while showing a printing press the size of a factory building.

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