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Encounter at Farpoint!!!


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I can not fault TNG, although, I only started watching Star Trek around about the 3rd or fourth season or TNG and so by the time I watched the early episodes, I was already unconditionally in love with the series.


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DS9 did more to develop Worf because of one specific reason: He was brought in to increase ratings!

Believe it or not DS9 wasn't boasting the kind of numbers that TNG was. So, when you bring in you "savior" you better do as much as possible to centralize storylines around him or give him fundamental parts to play in episodes not revolving around the world of Worf.

Why was he such a key charater then? TNG developed him into the honorable and stern Klingon security guard that wanted to blast holes in the main viewer, and guess what? We loved him for that.

In essence, if you insert Worf into DS9 the rest of us loyal TNG'ers will make sure we don't miss an episode.


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The only creative issue I had with Encounter at Farpoint was the planet set. Lifted right out of the sixties, like no advancements took place in set design, since then. Otherwise, it was a multi-layered story and a good sampling of what the show might be about. Whatever its other flaws, presenting that kind of set, to even an 8O's viewing public, was uncalled for.


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Deanna Troi was so retarded, like when the one guy got frozen then she was like " he's frozen". Its like NO DIP SHERLOCK.

"star trek kid, love my early memories of trek "


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turtleturtle9333, yea, i know what you mean

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