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A Real World, Working Impulse Drive


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A functioning  impulse drive has been invented by Dennis J. Plews.  He named the device Star Drive Propulsion.   It uses rapid, successive impulses of force to generate controllable thrust.  Currently under development, numerical simulations of a prototype design suggest that this impulse StarDrive Propulsion ¿ system has the capability, when powered by a sufficiently potent energy source, to accelerate spacecraft to near light speed velocity.  The proof of concept version, information about how the first impulse drive device generates thrust and test videos showing it working can be seen at Scientific American¿s World Changing Ideas Video Contest web site,


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A functioning impulse drive has been with us for about 10 years dplews; it's a ion-drive engine. (forgot the actual name). The point is a satelite can achieve sub-light speed, with an ion-drive engine, if the engine works non-stop for a few weeks. Yes it's slow, but it's space, there's no resistance, so it's like the first prototype 'Star Trek' like impulse drive.

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