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first time Star Trek convention


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Report this Jun. 08 2010, 10:35 pm

Hey guys.  I want to go the the 2010 Las Vegas convention with my wife but I have never been to one before.  Can you make some suggestions as to what type of pass would be best for a newbie who does not know what to expect?  What activites/events should I definitely not miss?  I would like to go for one full day and maybe half of another depending on how much there is to see and do.  I was also wanting to get an original series uniform and get my picture with Bill Shatner!  Any input from you all would be great.



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The gold packages are already sold out.
Shatner will be there on Saturday.
There is definitley alot to do at the Vegas conventions.
It's impossible to do everything.
Supposedly this is Mr. Nimoy's last year for doing conventions, so if you want to get photo ops and/or autographs with him I'd suggest you do it now before it is too late.


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Report this Jun. 09 2010, 11:19 pm

Thanks for all the info guys! I'm leaning towards getting the general admission tickets that Scoobydog suggested and going on friday/saturday.  I was thinking of buying a uniform at the convention on friday and wearing it to get my photo on saturday.  However I'm wondering if they are really pricey there, so I'm going to PM Marmalade Skies about his online seamstress.


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I don't need an original uniform.  I just wanted to get a good quality one.  My other hobby is reenacting and the last thing you want to do is show up at an event looking!  

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Wow! Great info!  too bad about Shatner being like that.  But it's better to find out now and mentally prepare, then be really disappointed when I meet him for a photo.


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I've been to the Vegas convention every year since 2002, plus other Star Trek and general Sci-Fi conventions in Vancouver BC, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City (I think around 45 or so in total since my first one in 1992). Here are my suggestions--

* Talk to people in line around you. I have met people from all over the US and from all parts of the world, including Japan, England, Scotland, Germany, Australia, Chile, Canada, Spain, Peru... A big part of the fun of the convention for me is just talking with other fans, and I see many of them again each year. If you have business cards, or just make some up on your home computer, it makes it easy to trade email addresses.

* Bring some snacks. There is food available in a sandwich/salad kiosk just outside where the convention is held (inside the Hilton convention area), but it can be kind of pricey. Farther away near where the Experience USED to be there is a Pizza Hut, and there is a nice buffet at the Hilton as well, but if you throw a few granola bars or whatever you like to munch on into a backpack, you can save money for things from the dealer's room The Hilton provides large jugs of ice water and plastic cups in the actual convention hall, in the dealer's room, and outside the convention hall, so you don't have to worry about bringing bottled water unless you really want to.

* Bring extra batteries and memory cards (or film) for your camera. Besides getting shots of the stars while they are on stage, you'll see a lot of folks in some cool costumes. Most of them don't mind at all if you take a photo with them.

* Dress up if you can-- it just adds to the experience. I'd say that at the Las Vegas convention, about 20% of the attendees wear a costume of some sort, or at least a uniform top with jeans. About another 20% wear a Star Trek t-shirt or baseball cap with regular casual clothes, and then the rest are mostly in shorts, jeans, and T-shirts. I like to bring a different costume for every day and really go all out. In the past, I've dressed like a Klingon, an Andorian, Mr. Data, and a Borg. This year, there will be an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for most Star Trek fans in costume gathered together, so if I were you, I'd check eBay for a costume beforehand.

* Despite being in Las Vegas in August, the actual convention hall tends to be on the chilly side because of the air conditioning. If you get cold easily, you might want to bring a sweater or a long-sleeve shirt.

* The Dealer's Room is large and has a nice variety of things, from actual screen-used costumes and props (these can get pricey, as others have mentioned) to models, toys, patches, fan-made uniforms, action figures, videos, books, art, t-shirts, 8X10 photos, posters, CDs, etc., and not all from just Star Trek. There is merchandise from Star Wars, the X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, etc. Most of the vendors are equiped to take credit cards, but having cash on hand doesn't hurt.

* I am not really into autographs or photo ops, but the lines for really popular stars can be REALLY long (sometimes over an hour). Photo ops and autoraphs can sell out quickly, so if there is someone you would really like to get, buy your ticket for them sooner rather than later.

* There are other supporting actors in the dealer's room, and generally you just walk up to their table if you would like a photo or an autograph. The Creation website has the price list for each person appearing.

If you have other questions, let me know :-)


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I have recently come back from a (my first) convention. We knew several other people who had come from our city too and, I've since learned, it was a somewhat smaller convention... but I LIKED it a lot, and here's what our little community, separately, experienced: two of us had 'time' with M.Dorn and have really good memorable experiences---one of us experienced him as icy cold and not worth the trouble. One of us was so-so about the autograph signing experience with W.Shatner, one of us saw it as fast but personal, one of us experienced a rather fast/impersonal experience except-at the last minute when he looked up, saw she was "Edith Keeler" (must die of course)-and told her she looked beautiful.

This person went on to tell us that (another convention) she experienced Shatner as warm but distracted and Nemoy as stand off-ish/deer caught in the headlights but would 'connect' some way with the fan.

We really varied from person to person, day to day, and time of day to time of day how the other celebrities interacted with us too. And how we reacted to them. Seriously. One gets a kiss, one gets a snub. One thinks '(s)he's' obnoxious-another thought him/her adorable and interesting.

Bloodsugar level
Stimuli overload
Worries on the home front
Feelin good
Early into the convention
Nice fans/annoying fans
Plenty of sleep
Touch of a cold
Gosh. Just a whole load of humanity working here. You know, the things that effect all of us even when we give a good try at not bringing them to work. Even when we get paid a lot we still are and react as humans.

There were glitches with convention stuff, there was unexpected sudden kindnesses from a couple of dealers, there were celebraties who picked up the baton and ran with it when another had dropped it, there were fans who clearly felt superior and entitled, there were fans who spent $$$$$$$$ on costumes so we could take pictures of and with them, there were little kids in Batman and Indiana Jones costumes....

It's all very human. As a recent first timer to conventioning I would think, as in most things, bring to the convention an air of openness to what may happen. It's not all going to necessarily work in the way you hope for or imagine or what someone told you it should be, AND if you keep your eyes open for adventures I'm betting you will experience many little unexpected delights... just like I did. Well, I hope you will.

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