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Close Up of Enterprise Ring Ship


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I forgot if they did. I wonder how it would have been to have Doug Drexler, along with John Eaves as Enterprise's ship designers and have Mike Okuda promoted to writer plus still having Coto in charge? Look at his description for the Enterprise ring ship. It looks like he knows the Enterprise time period and its technology.

"One of the most radical experiments in early Earth starship design was the Enterprise XCV. Unlike the traditional nacelle-and-saucer configuration, the XCV uses an annular propulsion system, based on Vulcan vehicle designs. This ship however, employed cyclotron accelerators to create a high-energy proton flux. The protons circled through the massive outer rings of verterium gallenide segments, generating a symmetrical subspace field. Each of the two coleopter ring structures contained two counter-rotating cyclotrons. The cyclotrons in each ring operated slightly out of phase with each other, generating the propulsive field imbalance that carried the ship through subspace at warp speeds." Mike Okuda


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Quote (starbase63 @ June 01 2010, 9:13 am)
The design and history of the ring ship goes back to ST:TMP, and the book that came out in conjunction with TMP, "The Star Trek Space Flight Chronology"...

I don't remember if Drexler had a hand in designing the ring-ship, but the painting of it in the book was done by Rick Sternbach, who would long be associated with Trek.

The Vulcan ships in the Enterprise series were inspired by the ring ship design, so conversely, the in-universe story became that the ship was based on Vulcan design.


I wasn't suggesting that the ring ship should have been the NX-01. Also I guess I should have said since Mike Okuda was a good research that maybe he should have been promoted to writer since he knows Trek History.


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Quote (Entrprise_Fan @ June 10 2010, 10:20 pm)
the ship in the show was the best

Yes it was.


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I wonder if any other details will be released, its a facinating, lost vessel.

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