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Seven of Nine Art By Steve Sampson


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Report this May. 27 2010, 2:26 pm

Greetings all, I know i am new to these forums and all, but i had a question, my father, who is a great star trek fan has some art of Seven of nine, and i am trying to find out its value, yet i can not find this art anywhere at all, and i am wondering just how rare it is.

The artwork is called "Resistance Is Futile" and saids under the heading "Seven of Nine by Steve Sampson" and under that has copyright "Star trek voyager copyright 1999 paramount pictures INC. it is also signed by the artist and saids its "Signed Limited Edition #64 of 275.

Has anyone ever heard of it before, or know of its Value, a note its not being sold, but its nice to know what things are worth.

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