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Is it time for a new Star Trek series?


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I think with all the buzz after the last movie and the comming new movie! I would say it's about time they start work on a new series. Star Trek started as a TV Franchise and should be represented in that fashion for all of us to enjoy. Now that the movie has opened the door for new and young fans of Star Trek, we are ready for a new start in the series. if JJ Abrams can take Star Trek and do an awesome Movie, he can also make an awesome Televison Series as well! CBS needs to jump on board already and give the fans what we need and want!


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I think that we may see a new TV series if the next Star Trek movie does as well or better then the last. Paramount and CBS only see dollars and cents. If they beleive that there is moeny to be made by bring out a new series then it will happen. My only prayer is that it is done with care and support from the studio.


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Making a new series that was as well written and delivered as good or better as TNG will be a challenge. That being said, I think and would support a fresh start at a new Trek series. It will have to be fresh, as much as we love the older characters, i.e. Kirk, Picard, etc - I believe a new series can be done and done well with the right people, storyline and of course, a ship with all the bells and whistles.

Charlie Bravo


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Quote: Ntang @ Aug. 15 2010, 10:47 am

@dryson - I disagree, for a few reasons.

First, in terms of the timeline of the new series, I think going forward - i.e. post-Voyager, not in the "past," TOS-era - is crucial. This allows for much less audience confusion over how things square with all the other series, plus the creative space for coming up with new stuff is just much wider. After all, you have three whole series of canon now (TNG, DS9, Voyager) in which Vulcan and Romulus were never destroyed - hell, where was Tuvok born? Did Spock's big reunification trip to Romulus in TNG just never happen? Stuff like that.

Secondly, I get why trying to tie the new series into the last movie is tempting, but I just don't think that the "newbie" audience will necessarily get the connection. Our crowd, those of us who would watch grass grow if you added some uniforms and tricorders, will just get mad, and naturally the fan base is a major element of the ST value chain.

Besides, do you really think it's anywhere near reasonable that you can insert whole plotlines with the Borg and crazy Romulan/Gorn alliances and whatnot into a timeline that isn't too far removed from TOS? STE's whole tangent about the Xindi was questionable enough (why didn't they ever get a mention in TOS... ?), but the Borg especially are such a major deal that messing with the idea that Picard was the first to encounter them just seems nuts. Canon counts, especially where the TV series are concerned.

I agree completely I think if we are going to have a new series it should ignore star trek XI and continue in the "normal" universe where Vulcan wasn't destroyed. To try and re-do the whole star trek universe from the beginning again with a TOS era alternate universe show is an insult to the fans.


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No I think any series would be cancelled immediately. I dont thing there is an audience for a trek series I think it should continue in the movies. I wouldnt watch any of it. especially if its in the Prime universe. Its been done, time to concentrate on Kirk again. Star Trek is about Kirk and Spock the rest are just space shows with the star trek label. I like the new star trek on the big screen. Lets keep it there and not re-hash old and bad stories, Im looking at you Berman.


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Something i want to know and ill probably never get an answer too.


We first see it in Voyager and later Enterprise with the Temporal cold war.


If there are agents in the 29th and 31st century montoring the timeline, wouldn't they see what Nero did and than ultimately go back in time and fix the problem?


I think if they make another Star Trek seriesm they need to ignore Abrams movie, and maybe even ignore cannon. They need to come up with a show that would be a hit to everybody, and not just Star Trek fans.

The line must be drawn here, this far no farther!

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