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Kes and Neelix' Breakup


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i think tieran lowered some of kes' inhibitions before he completely took over and gave her back some of ability to be forthright and honest (like we see in "caretaker"). so i think it was totally kes' decision but with a little prodding from tieran.


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In the last scene in ''Warlord'', Kes is trying to meditate, and process her traumatic experience with Tieran, with Tuvok's help, in her quarters...and it fails. ''Everything seems so different relationships with my closest, the Doctor, Neelix...'' So, this was not purely, if one looks specifically at that statement, a one-effect situation, but an overall shift of perspective in Kes' psyche. She went through something, in which her sense of innocence-her worldview-was heavily shaken-and, as a result, she became a different person-no, still the same kind, caring soul as before, but, with an eye on some harsh realities of the universe, that made her see things on a more 'adult' level. Ethan talked about the lack of clarification re the breakup at Vegascon last week; I'd read this same sentiment in the Voyager Companion(Which includes a description or writeout of the deleted scene). I myself was dissapointed when it happened, maybe I'm one of the few, as I've seen that some think Neelix was ''annoying'' in part due to his strong feelings for Kes...which I found touching, and appealing.There's the ''She's too young'' issue, again, not a problem for me, as Ocampan standards chronologically couch things differently here-look at Tom's marriage to her in ''B and A'', and Harry's therein to their daughter, Linnis. To the resolution of their parting, I personally look to the Mess Hall scene in ''The Gift'', where Kes tells Neelix ''I love you...I always will''. In my view..not merely, ''As a friend'', and I hope some Kesfans will agree, this comes to me as her saying that she remained in love with him...but that, she could not remain WITH him, because circumstances, and events, had come between, and altered their path together.....A little addition here, someone brought up something re her acting a bit harsh in places, and out of character-like, and this is what came to mind to me then-her directness to her dear friend the Doctor in ''Darkling'', which kind of jarred me a bit when I first saw it back then. But, I think, and as Kes herself tried to explain to him, she was two years old now, and her life her own to live. She'd begun to assert her independence, and, as admitted to Janeway in her Ready Room later, going through changes.

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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The breakup of Kes and Neelix
was the best part of the series.
It should've never been a part of
it, to begin with. Someone on STAR
TREK: Voyager's creative staff likes
smoking that herb ... he likes it alot!

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