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Tin_Man's Review of Captain's Log Harriman


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Report this May. 18 2010, 9:32 am

Okay I very, very rarely read comic books even more rare do I buy them. However, I do read Star Trek novels and have read quit a number of them (well over a hundred).

After seeing the above link on this website a few weeks ago I was intrigued and decided to order it from my local comic book store.

Anyway as for this comic I have to say it started off very strong and held my interest very well. It had decent knowledge of the Star Trek time period and the characters came across well and convincing.

I do not recommend buying this comic at all; it builds you up then drops you. Considering how well the comic opened and established itself I would "in this case anway" have been open to buying a part 2 of this comic.

I've complained in the past about all the watered down story line 2, 3 and even 6 part money grab Star Trek novels that have been the norm for the last few years. In this case just the opposite has happened, with such a fantastic story set up this comic just blows you out the hull breach that sucked Kirk out in Generations.

Total let down IMO

Avoid this comic, save your money unless you like being dumped.

NOTE: I have also posted this topic in General ST Discussions

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