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Would you?


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Cleaned some of the house tonight, of course not enough, but I came across a short story that I wrote about 20 years ago, and I wonder, what would you do?

His hands trembled as he failed to find the strength to display what was expected of him. As his eyes welled up, that he knew was unbefitting of one in his position, he finally he said to his wife,

"I have the capability of erasing every memory that you would ever have of me out of existence. My next mission, I am almost certain to never to return from, but it is important, not to just us, but to everyone else, and that is what matters. And I love you so much,I never want you to suffer."

She paused for a moment, Emotions running rampant, but she knew she had to answer quickly, as her husband's eyes told her that the answer had to be soon.

"Do it" she told him, and there was a part of his heart that broke.

"But come back for me," She cried, "And let's fall in love all over again .

He pushed her brown hair back with his coarse hands and after musterring enough inner strength, he just said,


Anyway, my question is, could you leave your loved one behind, under those circumstances?

####, I wrote better stories when I was younger.


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What if that person never fell in love with you next time. You may erase memories but you can't stop time moving on and there would be other people and other situations to take into account. And on the other side, I wouldn't want to lose my memories and future hopes of the person I love. It would be like only being there for the good stuff.


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#### no. Erase memories? Those are my memories! Who would ever want that?! How can you learn from something you don't remember? How could you willingly sacrifice a part of your own mind?! I'd rather feel the pain of a lost love than forget it ever existed!


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Like Kirk said:

Dammit, Bones, you're a doctor. You know that pain and guilt can't be taken away with the wave of a magic wand. They're things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. ...If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don't want my pain taken away. I need my pain.

No, I would not want my memories erased by that Haitian!

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