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Some details please........


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Can anyone supply basic details of Voyager.  Sizes (L W H) mass?  

Anything else would be good




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from Memory-Alpha:

With fifteen decks, a length of 343 meters, and weighing in at 700,000 metric tons, Voyager  was only about half the size of the Galaxy-class  starships introduced in the 2350s. However, where the Intrepid-class starship lacked in physical size she made up for with technological advancements. Voyager  boasted some of the most advanced sensor equipment in the Federation fleet. She was also the first starship to test the class 9 warp drive and was one of the first starships to be equipped with an EMH. Voyager's speed was equally impressive, with a maximum warp factor of 9.975. Admiral Patterson  described Voyager as "quick and smart" during Captain Janeway's initial tour of the vessel. (VOY: "Caretaker", "Phage", "Relativity")

Voyager carried a total of thirteen phaser arrays located at various points on the hull. She was equipped with four torpedo launchers with a compliment of thirty-eight type-6 photon torpedoes, at least four class-10 photon torpedo warheads, two tricobalt devices, and spatial charges. Quantum torpedoes were also compatible with Voyager's launchers, with some modification. (VOY: "Caretaker", "The Cloud", "Dreadnought", "Scorpion", "In the Flesh")

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