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Best Season One Episodes..


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Okay, as I am new please forgive me if this topic already exists. If it does, sorry. But, I was wondering what are the best season one episodes to have my girlfriend watch to get her in to Star Trek. And as of right now I only have season one of DVD. Thanks for the help.


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Well, normally I'd say to start at the beginning and just go through them. I certainly wouldn't jump ahead to another season....and besides, almost everything season 1 is great anyway. But if you're striking some sort of deal, like, "just watch 3, and I promise I won't make you watch any more if you really don't like them", then I guess I'd say...

1. Balance of Terror
2. The Naked Time
3. Tomorrow Is Yesterday
4. This Side of Paradise
5. The Menagerie
6. Space Seed
7. Conscience of the King (a particular favorite of mine)
8. and everyone will scream bloody murder if I don't include COTEOF
9. Shore Leave
10. Devil in the Dark

Think these are pretty representative in terms of characters, types of missions, philosophy.

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