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Quote (HaventGotALife @ May 31 2010, 5:59 am)
I am not attracted enough to any of the characters, male or female, to settle down with any of them. But if I had to, I'd choose Hoshi. One, I wouldn't want to travel through space and she'd be back in five years. Two, she's smart and has a passion for language. She's seeing all the "unknowns" out there for the first time and that's a draw--a great life, a new adventure every day. I just hope she would be willing to stay on planet when she got back. Third, she's very sexy.

Hoshi is mega hot. ¿I would choose her if Robin Lefler still wanted Wesley Crusher over me.

Robin Lefler


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Sure, I thought Kirk was cute. I was attracted to Spock, and obsessed over Data. But Chakotay...  ;)


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What can I say?
He's cute. :3


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LOL The line between "who I want to marry" and "who I want to boink" is practically non-existent. That's why I chose Lady Q. Not only is she boinkable, she can become anyone else. And if she's really serious about our wedding vows, I'd become a Q by virtue of our being joined in matrimony. :D :laugh: :cool:

captain saavik

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I would pick spoc hands down all my friends know it thats why hwen i found out in a book called vulcan's heart that spock married saavik i took up the name an when I did all my friends started calling me that so hands down SPOCK!!!!!!!!! an I wud want data for a son he's cute but lik a son to me an I cryd at both of their deaths especally data's cuz he was my baby boy an of course at spock's he's my husband.

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