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Jadzia Dax vs Ezri Dax


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Ezri was an ugly, obnoxious, stupid vapid little airhead. She would have been better dead. :angry:


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Quote (Quantumflux01 @ May 02 2010, 3:44 pm)
I've seen alot of comments, in general, on this message board about how Ezri Dax seemed like such a waste of space in season 7. I personally think it's unfair to give that character such criticism. Yeah sure she'll never be Jadzia Dax, but that's the point; Ezri's different and in some ways better than Dax.

Reasons why I think Jadzia is better than Ezri:
1. She has confidence and bravado.
2. Alot more was done with the Jazdia character.
3. She knows how to party.

Reasons why I think Ezri is better than Jadzia:
1. She's skeptical and not so sure of herself.
2. She made the first 3 or 4 episodes in Season 7 alot more interesting.

Jadzia Dax was a good character but could the writers have made that character interesting in Season 7? Personally I think not, in what new directions could the writers have pushed? Maybe some sort of Dominion invasion on Trill? Who knows? Ezri Dax whatever her (that's plot flaws) flaws she did give new life to the Dax character. Mind you I like characters who are skeptical and doubtful, for me they are alot more interesting than say characters who are content.

I am not particularly fond of either character when they were center-stage. As a counselor, I would find some of the traits in Ezri to be annoying. She gives her advice like an overeager cadet and her advice is as obvious as possible. I didn't like Afterimage because it was obvious. I think that her character needed some toughness--as a counselor you would need to leave some room between herself and her client. Garak shouldn't have caused her as much turmoil as he did. Her solution and the problem were overly simple.

I liked Prodigal Daughter. We learn how she became who she was and her performance is more layered. Nicole De Boer was a better actress, the writers were not kind to her most of the time. Field of Fire was a nice concept, but again, it wasn't a great angle on the story. The Vulcan concept was too easily obtained and the criminal was too simple. I wanted a more complex problem with that and it came off like she summoned him simply because she was too stupid and emotional to put aside her own feelings and get into the crime. I think she is simply too young for the show, especially the stage the show was at.

Jadzia, early Jadzia, was a nice foil to Sisko. I think later she became fun-loving, and when they did that to her, it was not great for the series. She made jokes and smiled a lot and that seemed to be her only role after a time. I liked her confidence and her steady command, but I was turned off when they asked Terry Farrell to do any serious acting. She would over-emphasize an emotion or play only the last emotion when we needed two or three layers to her performance. She got better as time went on, but I think her death was as meaningless as a red shirt in the Original Series. Sisko's reaction was about the world around him, not losing his friend. He was selfish over the coffin and I've never forgiven him for that.


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Quote (TheDriver @ May 31 2010, 4:29 pm)
Quote (UB313 @ May 29 2010, 10:46 pm)
I mean can anyone think of a good Jadzia episode apart from Blood Oath?

I do like "Blood Oath" (quite a lot actually).

And just off the top of my head, I also like Jadzia Dax in "Playing God," "Invasive Procedures," "The Quickening," "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places," and "You are Cordially Invited..."

While I agree Terry Farrell was one of the weaker actors on DS9, I never actively disliked her character. I was more indifferent than anything else. (Although that "science officer-thing" really bugged me.)

But yeah, in the end, I think Ezri had much more - and much better - personality than Jadzia. However, unlike some of the "Season Eight Relaunch" fans, I only like Ezri as the 'stumbly-bumbly,' 'cute-as-a-button' counselor; I could never see her as a starship captain.

Jadzia, on the other hand, pulled off command fairly well (perhaps due to her arrogance and detached personality).

Agree on one point; Ezri is better than Jadzia. But Ezri, matured over season 7, Ezri being a captain, is only some sort of crazy pipe-dream. Personally, if she had more ambition she could be a captain;I'm not sure she's likes counselling, maybe she would want a career change...


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It is too bad that we didn't see Ezri for more than one season (though in the relaunch DS9 books, there is a lot that is seen about Ezri - sadly, it is not considered canon).

Read "The Lives of Dax" for info on all of Dax's hosts.

A great book.

In the new TREK books, Ezri makes Captain (though it is not considered canon, I suppose....).


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I thought they were both good characters but I loved Jadzia and I thought the fun-loving aspect was more interesting than the overly cold and emotionless version they presented at the beginning of the series. She had a vibrancy about her that was unusual for Star Trek characters (post TNG) and she was witty and funny without bringing on the cheese. She was more relate-able and I think made everyone loosen up a bit. A shame she did not get more screen time but she was a valuable part of the ensemble and did a great job.

Ezri was cute and naive and did a great job stepping into the big shoes left behind. I am glad they did not just go for Jadzia round 2 and gave us a unique character while sprinkling some of what made Jadzia appealing. I also liked that she was pretty much a mess, compared to the controlled and confident Jadzia Dax. It was pretty much a seamless transition with the exception of Worf, but yes it would have been more interesting and much harder to get used to if the new Dax host had been a man for Worf especially but for the rest of her friends on DS9 as well.


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Thought of this the other day: People often accuse Ezri of being "weak" because at the beginning at least she is prone to spacesickness and so on... (Incidentally it is established that this only happens AFTER joining, so would not have been a factor while she was at the Academy.) ...But I was thinking, motion sickness is a physical reaction, and not a sign of emotional weakness. And if anything, it is a sign of Ezri's strength that she is at least eventually able to overcome that.

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