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Would Kirk and Archer have got along well?


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Quote (Narada @ May 02 2010, 10:19 pm)
Good question! I like your comments. I vote yes.

Yeah, count me in.


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I agree they were more alike than any other 2 Captains, but that was partly situational. Archer had to be wrenched around in Season 3 to be what Kirk more naturally was--someone who could act without thought for his own personal moral discomfort.

So socially I didn't think they'd get along so well. Kirk was highly individualistic, and his actions proceeded from that; Archer was a team-player who had less ego than the other Captains. In that sense, opposites.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Archer fought plenty well when the occasion warranted. He didn't seek out sensational fist-fights (but didn't hesitate to upset the horses when needed...) Now A.G. Robinson--HE and Kirk would've had a blast together.

Archer was way too introspective for the likes of Kirk. Kirk was way too impetuous for Archer. But they did share the spirit of exploration, and their stories showed that.

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