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Why was DS9 season 1 so terrible?


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The first season wasn't terrible. It was fun.

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I thought the whole series was terrible.  I didn't like the setting.........give me a ship with a purpose.  I mean that is what ST is all about to explore the universe.  Thumbs down to DS9.......though the characters were good.  Put them in a different series.

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I so do not think, me like first season, some episode "Past prologue".Me this season Recalls first season "TNG". if you watch "TNG", that you like "DS9".

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The first season of DS9 was a shakedown run for the writers. It was a time for trying out different kinds of stories and getting to know the actors. Yes, it was an overall mediocre season with a few gems scattered here and there. But I can forgive that because of what came after. It's important for a show to have a shakedown period like this, to flesh out and develop the characters. Often the actor will bring something to the table that will make the character different (usually better) than he was on the page.

When you look at shows made today (Heroes especially comes to mind), it seems like the concept was too thought out beforehand, which results in a great first season, but then the series can only go downhill. I prefer to save the best for last!

And when you look at a show like "Babylon 5", that was completely planned out beforehand, sure you get a great epic story, but the characters are pretty bland. I think that JMS' planning actually prevented the actors from adding additional dimensions to their characters - because it had already been decided which direction the characters would be going in before the actors were even cast. I'm just theorizing here, but I don't think DS9 could have become as great as it did if it hadn't been for that mediocre first season.

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Quote: /view_profile/ @

Don't restrict that assessment to just season 1, DS9 was hopeless from start to finish.

Such an ignorant and stupid comment, why even bother making it? If you see nothing likable about the show but like trek, I think you're the hopeless one.


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A lot of shows had a rough first season. Like Babylon 5 for instance. I didn't watch B5 for years cause the first season turned me off, glad i muscled through it finally.


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I thought the pilot episode was great and actually compared to TNG's first season DS9 season was pretty good. There were a few episodes that seemed like they were still caught in TNG's shadow. I think they were trying to figure out what kind of show they were trying to make.

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