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Why was DS9 season 1 so terrible?


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Okay Season 1 started good, but then it wasted alot of time on trivial TNG styled episodes, though there were episodes of pure quality like Duet. Sure it was different DS9, but I think season 1 tried to mimic TNG a bit to much.


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Well once the show got going they had a focus.  The constant and ever-nearing threat of the Dominion gave the later seasons a purpose and direction.  But the writers apparently didn't come up with this idea right away.  TNG was great, so I guess they figured that was as good as any a style to copy.  It helped to establish characters and relationships too.  Those things might have been smothered if they jumped into the Dominion story right away.


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DS9 season 1 was not as bad as TNG season 1 ... by far

Many TV shows have a rather mundane first year when you are looking back at it from many seasons in.


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It WASN'T terrible-the other seasons were just better


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Season One had some great stories in it. Keeping it fairly close to TNG style, but not quite the same was I think a good move on the part of the writing crew. Get people used to these new characters -- before heading in different directions.

And besides, as I said before -- many of these one-shot stories were brilliant and entertaining as they were.


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Season one was good, except for those occasional gimmick stories meant to .... well I'm not sure what they were aiming for with Rumplestiltskin, moving along home, etc...   Some may have mistakenly thought they echoed the original series, season 3 maybe, and thought they were quick ratings grabbers, like the Q episode.   There really weren't many episodes like that.  

As for the rest, the problem was never that the stories weren't good, but that they threw us right into endless Bajor stories, assuming we'd all be fascinated by everything Bajoran.  They needed to win us over to the idea of Bajor gradually, instead.   Season one looks good to great after you've seen the whole series.


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There weren't that many Bajor stories. I had to double check to find where there were 3 or 4 -- of which "Duet" itself was the most prominent. Introduction to the Bajoran thread from Emissary onwards was important as like it or not, Bajor was a major part of the geo-political backdrop established by DS9. (Started out orbiting the planet, after all. And Bajor itself is still well within the neighbourhood.) It would be like if one of us did a story set in Canada, say, and there were complaints of it having too many Canadians in it!

Past Prologue: Okay not great -- but neither was the episode after it.

Storyteller: I liked it. Some might not have. But apart from the interaction between the major characters in both storylines, it's not often that we get to see diversity WITHIN a planetary community in sci-fi, let alone Star Trek.

Progress: Also not bad. And very little mention of Prophets etc.

Duet: Well... It's Duet.

In the Hands of the Prophets: Also a very solid and clearly well thought out story. And not to mention we get to see Vedek Winn in her opera house outfit.

If I'm missing any first season Bajor stories, remind me...


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Acting was really weak. A couple of good actors, but the rest weren't. Some got better as the show went on, some didn't.


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Please understand I did not hate Season One. "The Emissary," "Duet," and "Captive Pursuit" were fantastic, "The Storyteller" and "Move Along Home" were campy fun, and "Dramatis Personae" provided Sisko's office with an interesting accessory that lasted throughout the series.

But overall, Season One (and Two) relied way too much on the whole "trouble makes its way to the station" episodic plotline. The misconception many people have about the series stems from this early mistake - the fact the crew never stumbles into trouble, the trouble stumbles into them. It made the show appear very static.

I mean, if the crew decided to venture off on their own, it was usually to Bajor. And in the very rare instance that they happened to land on a random planet in the Gamma Quadrant, it just wan't very exciting. "Battle Lines," anyone? Sheesh. "We can't die! Let's all fight forever! Rarrgh! Oh hey, the Kai died! Well, now maybe she can bring peace to this crazy planet! Bye!"

Wow, an episode in which I had sympathy for no one. I mean, who cares if those two moronic groups wanted to kill each other over and over again for no reason. No one was likeable at all. "Battle Lines" - the one episode in which the crew actually did travel somewhere - ended up being one of the weakest episodes in the series. IMHO.

For TOS and TNG, the focus was on "exploring strange new worlds" and "seeking out new life and new civilizations." And DS9, during its first two seasons, desperately needed focus (beyond "trouble arrives on the station ... again"). Fortunately, the Dominion provided that focus at the end of Season Two.

Oh, I should also note that DS9 did have one initial focus, that of preparing Bajor for entry into the Federation. Thus, episodes like "Duet, "the second season Circle trilogy, and those focusing on Cardassians (Garak, Dukat, etc.) were usually pretty effective. Although, I think even the producers knew this localized premise did not have enough legs to carry them through seven seasons.

Again, thank God for the Dominion.


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Quote (Quantumflux01 @ May 01 2010, 6:04 pm)
Why was DS9 season 1 so terrible?

Because Bajorans suck and they're boring


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It could have wrong, when the writers/producers introduced the Dominion. Thank God it didn't, also thank God for the episode 'The Die is Cast' without it the Dominion would have seemed alot duller.


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The first season of almost ever show is deemed "terrible" because you don't have the advantage of familiarity that you do in future seasons.    (Breaking bad seems to be the exception to this rule.).


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TNG season 1 was way worse than DS9 season 1.


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Quote (juliansgirl7 @ May 01 2010, 9:11 pm)
It WASN'T terrible-the other seasons were just better

Well i like the way you said that. And for my two cents worth I liked season one just fine.


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Think about the alternative too: Deep Space Nine could well have been another series where the first season worked out REALLY well (It did work out really well IMO.) and then later seasons petered out to the point where they just weren't interesting any more. Thank goodness that was NOT the case!!

But Season One had its fair share of awesomeness. I love the last four episodes -- "The Forsaken" and "Dramatis Personae" were so much FUN. And of course season one has TOSK!! and "Duet" (already mentioned) and not to mention a whole lot more fun little stories. Just because six-season and ten-season arcs are also quite awesome to watch on DVD, that's no reason to dismiss these shorter tales.

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