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Best Garak episodes


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The Die is Cast: true turning point for Garak when he couldn't bring himself around to kill Odo.

Another great episode. :cool:

Indeed. I felt that Garek finally proved his friendship to Odo.


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Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast

Answers some questions but then in typical Garak form, raises new ones.


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I think my favorite was probably "Afterimage." I liked seeing him deal with his claustrophobia, and also when he erupted at Ezri:"Jadzia OWNED herself!" I thought he described Jadzia to a T. Not that I don't like Ezri - I do - but Jadzia is one of my favorite characters.

I also really liked "Empok Nor." "Access denied... access denied... access denied..... how monotonous." And at the end where he asks O'Brien to apologize to the families of his victims for them.


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Yeah. :) Garak is just pretty much awesome.


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The Wire is my favorite. It defines who Garak is and it doesn't apologize for his past. It makes him a dark character coping with his life through the same effects as heroin might have on the human brain. It shows his damage. It shows who he is, and it deepens his connection to Bashir, the young idealist.

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