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William Shatner's First ever film


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Report this Apr. 28 2010, 5:29 pm

Hey everyone,

I have been working on a government-funded project out of Montreal, Canada covering the history of cinema in Quebec between 1930 and 1952.

We have obtained the rights to William Shatner's first ever film: the Butler's Night Off (1950) and the movie can be watched for free here: The Butler's Night Off

I think this might be interesting to Star Trek fans as this film has never been commercially released and is basically impossible to watch anywhere else. Shatner, who was 19 years-old when the movie was shot, plays the minor role of a crook.

You can see him at around 10 minutes with other crooks hitting a guy and hiding his body. He's also back at the 35th minute. Finally at the 50th/51st minute he's part of car chase and can be seen with his head out the window shooting a gun.

The movie is actually pretty bad, and the videoplayer is not perfect yet so you have to wait a few minutes until the whole video is loaded in order to skip to any parts of the movie. But it's still worth the wait if you're a William Shatner fan!

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