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How many here like the new movie


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One of the best movies I have seen, I dont understand how you could not like it.


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Quote: merr603 @ Jun. 18 2010, 5:15 pm

Hi everyone this is my first time on-line and just became a member, I'm probably going to upset alot of people but I need to vioce my anger on the latest film.
Abrams should not be loud to make any other film, although through the orginal series has many flaws such as the sets, script and maybe even some stories but it was the begining of what we love now.  in the new film the story was weak or I was so concerned that the most important character was changed beyond recognition was the Enterprise.

The original series was "the beginning of what we love now" dispite it's "flaws?"

The original series was a classic. Without the original series, there would be no "what we love now." Everything that came after the original series was derivitive. It eventually became a copy of a copy. I like Trek in all it's incarnations, but I don't look at TOS as the weird grandfather that nobody really likes talking to.

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