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Return of Enterprise?


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Report this Sep. 10 2010, 1:04 am

I would love it if they brought back ENT for a fith season.

If they did, I believe Jeffery Combs (AKA: Shran ) should become a main cast member.


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I'm hope,what will be five season "ENT" or movie. Me like "Enterprise", but i sorry,what this series finished.

live long and prosper.


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Bring back a 5th, just do it! The fan base is bigger and stronger.

New Fan of the Enterprise!

Matthias Russell

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Don't hold your breath.


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ever series "Enterprise" return. Us very many.

live long and prosper.


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As much as I love all the Star Trek series (Enterprise being no exception) I think bringing back Enterprise would be a bad idea. I liked Enterprise and it started getting really good by the 3rd-4th seasons but trying to bring it back after all this time isn't likely to work. Besides Rick Berman has been replaced by JJ Abrams and I don't think JJ Abrams would be able to continue it like Rick Berman did.

If anything they should start a new Star Trek series and get the fans input on the first few episodes to see if they're going in the right direction so that it can last 7 seasons or maybe even 10 seasons (to balance out Enterprise that only lasted 4). The problem is ever since the last episode of Voyager, where they got the new technology from the future and returned to Earth, they haven't done anything else to carry on from that timeline. Instead they decided to go backwards and not forwards! There's nothing wrong with Enterprise or the new Star Trek film but it seems they're afraid to go forwards as if they cannot think of anything new!

Enterprise was good but it's time is over and now people should be thinking of a new series to continue the Star Trek legacy.



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How could there be a return of enterprise show def. ended for good with the last show. Maybe a movie for it. But i dont think we would ever see a return of it since we have a new star trek timeline by jj.

"Let's make sure that history never forgets the name... Enterprise"


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A movie with Archer leading up to Kirk and Spock's era.

bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'.


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In practice if they going return Enterpise show they move Federation-Klingon War (alternate timeline). Just have the Enterprise crash land on Ba'ku and during some battle Romulan and Earth wars. Having UFP starship discovery that planet in Yesterday Enterprise timeline. Have Admiral Archer save the UFP both being destroy both ethically and physically. Ethically fact UFP planning using the Omega molecule Klingon invasion down. Admrial Archer talking out using in order save hundred pre warp civilians.  

John Woods

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I agree with Klingondog,a movie set in the period between the end of the Enterprise series and the events of the JJ movie.This would be before any changes in the timeline..Really there is no reason why a series covering the Romulan wars,couldn't be possible as well.

Matthias Russell

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I think if they were to do such a movie, they should make it a tv movie as a way to test the waters. If the movie gets a good audience, they could use it to springboard into a new series, maybe showing the formation of the federation.

That is a good point, that such a setting would allow the story to apply to both timelines.


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If they could bring Enterprise back then it should start in the year 2156. That way it could deal with the Earth-Romulan war which took place from 2156 to 2160. They had just started to build up to the Romulans in season 4 with 'Babel One, United & The Aenar', showing the war would have been the way to go for season 5, even season 6. These 2 seasons would cover the four year war then finally season 7 would be in 2161, which would lead up to the Federation charter being signed. They could do a proper 2 hour finale to end the season, maybe even redo the the rescue of Sharan's daughter & a better death for Trip & drop the whole Riker/Troi holodeck angle.

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That is a cool idea. Back in the days of old radio, people got a great deal of enjoyment from listening to radio serials like'The Shadow' and others, using their imaginations to envision what the dramas presented by simple word and sound effects. We Enterprise fans have no problem imagining; we know exactly what our favorite heroes and heroines look like. I would gladly listen in to a program like that!

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''

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