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#65 Windows on a Lost World vs.


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It is amazing how totally different the "read" of these two books is!
"Windows on a Lost World" was boring and I suffered through it because I vowed I would finish it even if it killed me! Long story short: Kirk is turned into a lobster! No joke!

On the other hand, "From the Depths" is quick paced, has an interesting plot and has one of those nutty Federation Commissioners that you just want to throttle!

For total disclosure, the ONLY Star Trek book I never finished was the Hardcover DS9 "WARPED!" , but I promise I will give it another shot one of these days.

What is the best and worst that you have read?  I remember the STTNG "MASKS" was really good, and stands out as a favorite.


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Windows on a Lost World is just not good.  It is such a shame that this novel was chosen as an audiobook for Walter Koenig.  It was terrible, and he hasn't gotten another chance since.


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My fave ST book is one from the TOS.  #62 Death Count.  Good read!

My fave ST:TNG, well I've got more than one, but one I really love to read is #18 Q-in-law  That one has one of the best lines in it!!  Worf: Sell tickets.  ( When asked what they could do about Q and Lwaxana fighting )

I really love all of the Star Trek books!!  There are some that take me a while to read and I'll only generally read them once.  All the others I've read multiple times


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I liked Windows. But I agree that Warped was awful.

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