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Report this Apr. 27 2010, 11:59 am

¿New Zealand was the first major nation to allow women the right to vote. This act was passed in 1893, that¿s 25 years before England!

¿New Zealand has won the most Olympic gold medals, per capita, of all participating countries. Now that¿s sporting talent¿

¿The All Blacks, New Zealand¿s national rugby team, can officially be considered the finest in the world; they¿ve won 73% of their test matches over the years!

¿Every traveller who visits New Zealand finds it impossible to leave; most ultimately declaring themselves converted Kiwis and double the length of their stay. Fact!

We were one of the first nations to refuse "Nuclear".

During the Olympics for about 50 years, we were a nation that wore "black" athletic wear. Not just the shorts but the tops as well..

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