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dullest episode?


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Quote (Azwan @ April 24 2010, 3:25 am)
what is the dullest episode in the netire series for u? whether its from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, Ent and all the movies.. and share why was it dull? thanks..

Dullest episode? Sadly none. I enjoyed watching everyone of them. Each is unique. My favourite Star Trek: Voyager episode is Parallax where B'Ellana Torres had to prove herself to Captain Janeway that she is right for the job as Chief Engineer of USS Voyager.


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I think "dull" is a very relative terms. It depends on what each ppl's likes and dislikes. For example, some of u would've found episode A is dull, while the others would've said that episode A is extremely wonderful. Some ppls attracted to the story lines, some other attracted to the dramas or the technology. ^_^


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Most likely for me a Klingon episode. They were interesting at first, but as we saw them over and over again, they got so boring...

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Anything focusing on Reg and Deanna Troy, Alexander, or most of DS9. The endless need to set episodes in 20th century Earth can also be avoided, seems cheap and superfluous.


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Similitude, no, not really, it's actually Meld.

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Gotta agree with Matthewcovery79 - the whole Bajoran arc went on and on.  Odo and the founders was abit much too.


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