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dullest episode?


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what is the dullest episode in the netire series for u? whether its from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, Ent and all the movies.. and share why was it dull? thanks..


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Quote (marshall8472 @ April 24 2010, 9:28 am)
I was going to say the motion picture too. ¿I liked the beginning but the rest was boring. ¿Most of the movie is just the crew looking at the viewscreen while they travel into v'ger. ¿I consider it an accomplishment to any trekker that can sit through this movie without falling asleep at least once.

I sat through it without sleeping once.  I just found the TMP different than the TOS.  Kirk was so slow in his reactions compared to his TOS self.  Chekov/Sulu/Uhura are the same. Spock became too logical/cold. McCoy stayed the same. Scotty grew a mustache and couldn't fix the darn transporter?!?!


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TNG Shades of Gray. I've also fallen asleep during TMP many times, even the (slightly) faster-paced Director's cut version.


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I've never fallen asleep during The Motion Picture, and it's even one of my favorites, but I will admit...if you're not in the mood for a contemplative plot, or if your brain is in a certain state of tiredness, it's not a superb idea to watch this movie. It's more art and emotion than action and adrenaline.

Dullest episode...well, what pops into mind right now is "Shattered" from Voyager. I like the idea of all the multiple realities working together to "heal the fracture" so to speak. The thing is...none of the actors seem to want to pick up and carry the weight of the episode. Must have been filmed the week before a vacation.


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The TOS episode "The Way to Eden". space hippies...out the nearest airlock. then fire phasers


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How can you not love space hippies...I mean,


:laugh: :D :cool:


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Hands down, no contest, the dullest (and possibly only dull) episode of DS9 has to be Resurrection. At least the other bad episodes (not that there were many in DS9) were amusing or otherwise engaging. But a mirror universe episode in the middle of season 6? Bareil coming back to moon over Kira? Snore.


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Huge chunks of TNG, VOY, and ENT would fit this category. I mean, there's nothing worse than catching an episode of one of these shows on the TV only to find yourself halfway through and thinking, "God, this is really kind of boring."

While these series, at one time, held my complete and utter interest? These days, I find myself flipping past.

I guess it's due to there simply not being enough character development or the feeling that none of this really matters.  You know, discover weird creature/ship/planet, deal with weird creature/ship/planet, and move on to new weird creature/ship/planet. Rinse. Repeat.

It was new for TOS.  And TOS, at least, has the Kirk/Spock/McCoy triangle that's just a pleasure to watch. And DS9 has characterization out the yin-yang ... along with several ongoing plotlines that makes everything seem important.

Also, believe me when I say I can certainly understand how some folks would categorize TMP as dull. But for me, the special effects and music create a sort of sober high or trip. Especially as the crew moves toward the heart of the V'Ger cloud. Ha. I always imagine Sulu thinking "Man, Spock gets the GOOD drugs." I mean, just look at Sulu's face the next time you watch that sequence.


Anyway, I really, really dig TMP. Great sci-fi storyline very much in the spirit of Star Trek (sort of a cross between "The Corbomite Maneuver" and "The Changeling"). And again, great special effects and music.


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Hey Driver , are you kin to the Transporter :question:


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Ha. No, I really have no clue where I got the idea for that handle.

I do remember joining the site in 2002, I believe, just after getting back into Trek with DS9. You see, I'd played the PC game The Fallen, and it excited me enough to give DS9 another shot (as I'd ditched it after the second season when it originally aired). Anyway, the strength and intensity of the Dominion War led me to become a part of the messageboards in order to discuss my newfound interest.

Except I didn't stick around long. Just a few months or so.

I came back to these boards just before the release of the latest Abrams flick and am still sticking it out.

Anyway, I'm guessing the handle has to do with my love of GTA: Vice City. In 2002, I was playing a LOT of that game on my PS2. And before that, I had played the ever-loving crap out of GTA3. So I probably figured why not call myself "The Driver." (Oddly enough, I had played very little of the video game called, you know, The Driver. Ha.)

Nowadays, it seems a bit silly. So I throw that pic of the Runabout up there to make it seem a little more relevant.

The Transporter, indeed. :cool:


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The dullest episode huh? Well Im not sure about any episodes so lets go with the whole series of DS9 and Enterprise. It doesn't get anymore dull then that.


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Not exactly what I'd call dull:

The Story Thus Far...

Evil Must Be Opposed

Just sayin'.


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Quote (ServalanFan @ April 24 2010, 4:53 am)
VOY: Difficult as every episode involved Voyager in some crisis. Maybe that boxing episode - what the heck was that about? I don't understand and don't care

I strongly concur on that VOY ep.

TNG  The horrible episode where Picard and an alien are trapped by a superior power on a planet, supposedly to fight, and Picard spends the entire episode trying to understand the aliens language.   "..with arms open wide..."   Ackkkk!   :bored:  :bored:  :bored:


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I haven't really thought about "Dull". I know which I would say are least favourite -- which may partially have to do with the point that I can't really get interested in them...

DS9 -- Meridian (the Jadzia / whatsisface half), or the Visitor.

Other series I'd have to give a bit more thought to, only because I know so much more of DS9 than I do of the others.

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