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would mirror universe Riker have a beard?


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I really need to know this. I'm leaning towards no though because the best Riker is when he had his beard.


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Quote (kyleh613 @ April 22 2010, 10:33 pm)
I really need to know this. I'm leaning towards no though because the best Riker is when he had his beard.

It would depend on how he was feeling at the time and who he had killed that day! I imagine he would not shave after killing Worf, shave after taking out Wesley.


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In the main mirror universe that began with TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror" and was developed further throughout DS9, I think, Riker WOULD have a beard. He looks more intimidating with it, and considering the fear-driven society he'd live in, I certainly believe the beard would help him become feared by most. If I had not been a fan all my life, and I first saw Riker in an earlier episode, or in Insurrection, it would be hard for me to imagine him as the first officer of a starship. The beard really helped him come across as authoritative. He's just got one of those faces. It's one extreme or the other. Without the beard, Mirror Universe Riker would be a whipping boy. With it, he'd be...well...king perhaps.


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Mirror Universe Riker would have a goatee, or "Van Dike"-style beard, much as Mirror Universe Spock had in "Mirror, Mirror". That's the genuine beard of evil, compared to Riker's more ordinary "good" beard.

Which is interesting, because in the DS9 episode "Defiant", Will's evil twin Thomas Riker had a goatee rather than a full beard.


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Don't forget this classic:


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Remember that some time between Mirror Mirror and Crossover the human race was taken over.  It's unlikely Riker would be in any position of power and it wouldn't really matter if he was feared or not.  In the TNG era humans weren't evil either.  My guess is he would probably be clean-shaven to emphasize his appearance of weakness.


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Riker is my favorite character and he looks awesome with the beard before that he looks to young thats just my opinion.

Hey I watch Star Trek now and then when I have the time and I like it


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I would still see him with with a beard, but an evil stile pointy pinch, and a deep scare from the side of his eye to the buttom of his cheek. But still beside picard as first officer and as his #1 body guard.


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I think in the Mirror Universe Riker would still have his beard - but I think Picard would have been tragically 'removed' from power by death (much like in the TOS episode). I think Worf would be Riker's body guard and Data would unfortunately be treated as a tool/servant.


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Bingo, Lucifer!!

I cannot see a mirror-Riker without a beard. It is the beard that gives his image an edge.


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Yea... he'd have a Sisko beard OH YEA CUZZI


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His current beard makes him look more suited to be a king. Without the beard, as he said himself, he looked too young to be intimidating at all. With a goatee, well! Now that's the look of a Mirror-style emperor. Or pimp, either.

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