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Would Enterprise In Syndication Have


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I said in another thread about Enterprise and other Star Trek shows should be in syndications and they should have never created UPN. However this got me thinking about syndication in general. I think I kind of get how syndication works and that a TV station has to buy a show. Would they look at the declining ratings that Star Trek had since it started to go down during DS9 and would have to decide would it be worth it to them to by Enterprise back in 2001 and continue to buy it after that? Would UPN have had more coverage than syndication?


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Rights fee's for syndicated television are much lower than that of network television and with more stations available to run programming that's why you have more syndicated show's on TV than first run programming.Once a show get to the three mark and can be syndicated ratings don't matter that much as long as it is bringing in revenue to the network.


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I don't know but its to late now and won't even be back :(


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I feel rating would have gone up with star trek had it been syndicated. I had known many people at the time wanted to watch the show but could not due to fact they had no UPN network in there area at the time. What they should had done was USe the UPN like they wanted but Syndicated it to areas where there was no UPN station.


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I think people and these stations should just realize that we love Trek, and ratings don't matter. TOS got canceled twice. What show comes back at all after being canceled once? Let alone coming back with another 4 series and 10 films, and now a Reboot film.

TOS obviously had bad ratings, but people sure loved it. I just wish these stations would make an exception for Trek, and maybe set a series to a certain season limit, and go a certain number of Seasons and end it there, rather than go by ratings, because I'm not sure how accurate they really are anyway. I mean go for a 7 season limit, and do the 7 seasons, because even if 2 people are watching, we fans will get out and start spending money. Spending money on dvds, and merchandise and conventions and whatever else they toss out there. They ought to start looking at the situation more like Quark and realize they can make a lot of profit from us if they'd just let the stuff keep on going.

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To what robertcollins89 said prior here, I said the same thing yesterday in another thread! I'm no television expert, naturally, but, from some of what I've read posited for some of ENT's failure, the lack of access might have been better permitted in a mass-market syndication like TNG. I wish  also, at this point, that more stations were like the one in my area, which showed DS9 and TNG, as well as the TOS 2.0, and of course VOY and ENT, as it became a UPN affiliate at the outset.

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Oh!Got it. Later!....

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Its kind of funny about all this UPN died not long after ENT went off the air as it tried to bring in new programming what fools they were.

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