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Why didn't they do a TNG Dominion War movie?


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The Dominion War was DS9's story. I'm glad they left it on the show and didn't try to drag the Enterprise into it. TNG was a very different series, and shoving the two together in any way would have been a mistake. I'd prefer Trek writers actually come up with good stories to tell, regardless of how they fit into the larger canvas, rather than trying to write their own "history of the future".

Most war movies skip the outcome of the war -- but those are historical war movies, and audiences should know the outcome anyway. With a science fiction movie you'd need a resolution, or you'd have audiences and critics alike complaining that the movie didn't have a proper ending. Whatever "significant battle" featured in the movie would only have been significant in the context of DS9 and the Dominion War. Turning that into an appropriate setting for a stand-alone movie that would satisfy casual fans and critics would have been a challenge, and perhaps not worth the effort.


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Quote (bensmalls_is_a_BigYellowJoint @ April 12 2010, 12:14 pm)
I have a question: Why didn't they do a TNG movie that tied in with the Dominion War? ¿I mean, the TNG movie timeline falls right in the Dominion War, and as the flagship of the Federation, I think it's safe to assume that the Enterprise saw it's fair share of action. ¿Not to mention they could have even put in a DS9 cameo if they wanted, which might have boosted ratings, which had declined since TNG ended.

Seems like a pretty common sense idea to me. Why did this never happen?

Cause it's a stupid idea....  Just saying.

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