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Carlos Interviews a Wurf


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Report this Apr. 11 2010, 9:30 am

Carlos: What is a Wurf?

Wurf: Spiem.

Carlos: I see, and why do you say that?

Wurf: Ripurted.

Carlos: Caltrek once compared Wurfs to munchkins. Do you think that was an apt comparison?

Wurf: Caltrek z an idjut. Wurfs hiv nutting to du wit munchkins. De blong n a diffrent universs.

Carlos: Where have the wurfs gone?

Wurf: Ower maastr sid wee hadd sirved ower purpuss, sew wee lefft.

Carlos: Do all Wurfs spell things the same way?

Wurf: Kno. Wee hiv diffrent spilling ruules. Wee spik n difrnt dialects. Sew wee dew knot al spil tings da saame waye.

Carlos: Do Wurfs suffer from prejudice?

Wurf: Yez. Everybudy haates Wurfs. Itz ower diminutive naature. Pluz, de saye we produuce nuttting cept Spiem.

Carlos: Thank you for being here with us today and sharing your thoughts concerning Trekkie-Wurf relations. Any final thoughts?

Wurf: Ripurted.

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