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Would you watch a Star Trek Play on Broadway?


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This has never been done before. If there ever was a Star Trek Play on Broadway, would you watch it? Plays involve lots of singing.

Patrick Stewart is an excellent Shakespearean actor. Maybe he might be interested in doing a Play about Star Trek.


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If I lived close enough to civilization, I definitely would spend money to see a Star Trek play.......or any other play for that matter.


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Can't remember his name right off hand but the actor who played Ben Sisko is actually a member of the Royal Shakespeare Acting Company.


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Sure. It can't be any worse than what's on TV half the time.


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Yes. I would. Although, probably would have to book way in advance.


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Assuming that I could first get the plane tickets and accommodation and tourist visa to GET to Broadway, then yeah.

If I happened to be in New York and Broadway, then yeah.
If not, then probably not.


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Just try me!! :laugh:  :laugh:


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It may not be Broadway, but there's an improv comedy group in New York City called Start Trekkin' (click here to see their website). Each month, they do an hour-long improv comedy sketch based on classic Trek, using suggestions from the audience. My fiancee and I went to see them over the weekend, and we both had a good time. They do their shows at a little hole-in-the-wall theater on W. 45th Street called The Tank. If you're in NYC and you want to catch an inexpensive and fun comedy show, you might just want to check it out. If you can't make it to New York, I understand they also work the convention circuit.

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sure. its trek i wud watch any star trek play!!!!


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When do we go  :rookie:  :rookie:


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i think that would be cool


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Plays don't have to be musicals. I've been acting for years and have done my share of both. But either way you look at it, yeah I'd go view a Star Trek play/musical!


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Yes, especially if some of the stage experienced actors in all five Star Trek series were cast.....


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Sure, a musical please! :laugh:

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